Informative ubuntu

Help of Ubuntu/Linux Commands

How to get HELP of any command in Ubuntu/Linux from command line?

HELP is not a command mind well.

We have man pages to get help of any commands.


But what is the right way?       

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$man *commandname

(* Here you can write name of command of which you require help)

When we right man with command name on command line, you will get long list

For example if I write following command:

$man ls


It will give everything related to “ls” command, and it is of many pages help.


This will give you all the help related to the asked command, by pressing ‘q’ you may come out of the help.

If you don’t want all information, you may feel, OMG…what to do with all this stuff….?

So, here lets see some  helpful trick is use commands help

First one is…. “whatis”

whatisis useful when you know name of command but don’t know what it is for?

This command give you one liner answer that the command you have written will do what?


$whatis grep

Or you may use…

$man –f grep

You can see, both are same.

$man –k grep

This will give you a list of command related to grep

It is also same as apropos command (we are not going to discussed apropos this time)


Happy Learning !!


MS Excel

SUM function in EXCEL

#sum, #excel, #additioninexcel

Way to do SUM in EXCEL

1. With AUTOSUM Function

You will find this in Home Tab Ribbon -> Editing group -> AutoSum

2. With sortcut => “Alt +”

This will automatically give SUM function and tale nearby range for summation

3. By typing SUM function with proper Syntax

ex. =SUM(A1:A10)

If range is not in squence, then separate is by comma

ex. =SUM(A1:A10, A15)

4. One more quick way directly by cell reference or values with operator +

ex. =A1+A10  (This will add values of A1 & A10)


=1+2+A47  (This will Add 1 & 2 with value of A47 cell)

 5. You just cant believe one more way

Select all the values you need to check its SUM, and see on status bar, you will get Answer right there

6. One More way is…there…but let it be secret as of now…will discuss later on. 🙂
Informative MS Powerpoint

Embedding Media (Audio/Video) in Microsoft Power Point Presentation

Whenever we insert Audio or Video in PowerPoint Presentation in Microsoft Office,…

it will not work, when we send that file to anyone else.

=> Don’t worry, here is the solution.

=> Let’s learn how to solve this issue:

  • When you insert media (Audio / Video), just following instructions:
  • Click on Insert tab
  • Click on insert Audio/Video & Select that from your source.
  • While clicking on INSERT button, click on a small arrow on that button.
  • Use “LINK TO FILE” option – This option will embed that file with presentation.

That’s it, now if you prepare pptx/ppsx/mpeg or any format, your Media file will be embed with your presentation.


Generating Quiz in Moodle – The Learning Management System

During this online era, learning management system is very much crucial for teachers and trainers.

In Moodle, to prepare a quiz is some what tricky for new users. I have prepared one video for creating quiz. Which includes following topics.

=> Create Quiz

=> Setting times and marks

=> Adding questions

=> Creating question bank.

=> Bulk upload / import questions with AIKEN as well as GIFT format.

I have created one video for easy understanding.

Moodle – Quiz creation – step by step

Do share your review or quesry if any.

Thank you.


Webex – Online meeting tool

Let’s learn Webex Online meeting tool.

Detailed steps with all screen shots and information ….. please Download the pdf and perform step by step instructions.

Note: If you are a participants of any Webex meeting, then basic need is to sign up in Webex. Mobile users install Webex Meet App & PC users use link given above or click here. And follow my steps given in attached file.

#Happy Teaching & Happy Learning#

MS Excel

Drop Down List in Excel

It’s always better to use all the proper tool whenever we work with office work in Excel. Specially when we prepare a sheet where other people will fill the data, at that time better to prepare a sheet with validation criteria applied on the sheet.

So today we will learn one validation criteria i.e. Drop Down List.

In this blog I have use video to make you learn easily and quick way.

Do watch learn, learn a new tool and do share your views:

MS Excel

Work With Images Related To Data in Excel

Whenever we have to place images in excel data, it is always troublesome, so today let’s learn some tricks while working with excel.

For example, I want list of Birds with images. And whenever we sort or filter table data the images should also move with data.

So let’s work with this example.

  1. I have following list.

First we select one of the image then press Ctrl + A, it will select all images.

  • Right click on any of the selected image as displayed in following image, select “Format Object”
Right pane will be open to set Picture property
  • Here two things we have to set – first remove click from Lock aspect ratio.
  • Then only you can change size dimensions (Height & Weight) of picture. (I have set Height 0.5” & Width 0.7”)
  • Now you can see the list as per your data. (Here in my sheet I have all row height as 50.
  • One more property we have to check is select all object again, right click and in Format Picture Pane – in property select option “Move and size with cells”.   As per following picture.
  • Now your list is perfectly ready. Try now filtering or sorting of your tables.
  • Your images will be filtered with your data.
Sorted Data
Filtered Data
  • Enjoyed working?
  • Do let me know if you have any query.


How to prepare Custom Menu in Moodle:

Moodle is Learning Management System. Useful in all academic institute. It is freeware & easy to use, but…to prepare menu there is no direct plugin or option available.

Don’t worry, use following method to prepare menu in moodle.

  • Login with moodle admin account.
  • In Left bottom you will get search option as follows:
Moodle – Home Page
  • Type Custom Menu in search box & click on search
  • You will get following page:
  • By default this Custom Menu Item box will be blank
  • Here you can type your code for preparing menu as per the guidelines given by moodle itself:
  • “You can configure a custom menu here to be shown by themes. Each line consists of some menu text, a link URL (optional) and a tooltip title (optional), separated by pipe characters. You can specify a structure using hyphens. For example:

Moodle community|

-Moodle free support|

-Moodle development|

–Moodle Tracker|

–Moodle Docs|

-Moodle News|

Moodle company

-Moodle commercial hosting|

-Moodle commercial support|

  • Let’s try to understand how it works?
  • Suppose we want menu as follows:
  • The Main Menu text/titles we can write as follows:
Home|http://ip address/moodle
  • ip address You can change with your ip address as shown in second line as
  • This will create your main Menu which redirect you to the same page as per my code, you can add link as per your requirement.
  • Lets create sub menu : It is also very simple separate is with – (hyphen). Single hyphen for submenu and double hyphen for sub-sub Menu.
  • For example creating structure as given in upper figure: Lets create submenu of Syllabus & its inner menus.
  • Here our structure will be as follows:

Academic => Syllabus    => MCA-1
=> MCA-2
=> MCA-3
  => MCA-4
=> MCA-5
=> MCA-6
  • Our Code will be as follows (assuming we have already created categories as MCA-1, MCA-2 & MCA-3):
  • You can give your own path in link.


Please Note

In this text :

  • Save changes by clicking on button “Save Changes” as shown in following figure.
  • Your Menu will be ready.
  • Enjoy Moodleing :).

Not Finding Microsoft Picture Manager !!! after installing MS Office 2013 or higher version!!!

How to install Microsoft Picture Manager?

  1. Download “SharePointDesigner”.
  2. It includes Microsoft Picture Manager packaged with it.
  3. Link to download:

4. Click on Download.  

5. After downloading file, Double Click on SharePointDesigner.exe It will start installation,

6. After downloading file, Double Click on SharePointDesigner.exe It will start installation,

7. Go for Custom Installation.

8. Deselect all other package and only select the package which we require i.e. “Microsoft Office Picture Manager”

9. Click on continue

10. It will install our required software.


How to change boot sequence in dual boot? (Ubuntu & Windows)

How to change boot sequence in dual boot?

#After installing Ubuntu first boot option is windows, how to change first boot as Windows?

#for Ubuntu 16.04 and above

  1. Copy grub file for prevention.
    • Sudo cp /etc/default/grub /etc/default/grub.bak
  2. Now edit grub file
    • Sudo gedit /etc/default/grub
  3. It will open your grub file.
    •  Sudo gedit /etc/default/grub

4. As in picture we are getting GRUB DEFAULT = 0, that’s why machine boot with first option from sequence in boot menu.

5. For example following menu we are getting in dual boot system

6. Change the GRUB_DEFAULT number as per your requirement.

7. For example in the following fig. your boot sequence number for windows is 2

8. Change boot sequence in grub file for making windows as first boot option.

  • Sudo gedit /etc/default/grub

9. Save the file

10. Reboot your machine.

11. It will start will Windows as first option.

12. Enjoy……