Hello all!

Welcome to my site. This is my first post. I am working in this area for more than 24 years. So for me this is the correct medium to share my knowledge, which can definitely help others while working on Computers.

I will try to involve most of the technical issues, we come across while working on systems. This will help many novice people to solve their routine problems in easy way.

Introduction to my site

Welcome to tejalsurati.com, it’s a Computers’ Technical site – specially forĀ TroubleShooting.

Here we will learn to solve the problems which we face in our daily computer interactions, it may be related to software installations, network, operating systems, etc.
Mainly we cover Windows as well as Ubuntu Operating System.
I will try my best that you will get all your solution with all updated versions and solutions.

What is the version of my OS?(Windows)

I know its a very very basic question, but when somebody ask you “which OS (Operating System) you are using?” Many people will become blank!! So Lets check which OS we are using (For Microsoft Operating Systems)

  • Right Click on My Computer
  • You will get following screen

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