Informative ubuntu

Help of Ubuntu/Linux Commands

How to get HELP of any command in Ubuntu/Linux from command line?

HELP is not a command mind well.

We have man pages to get help of any commands.


But what is the right way?       

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$man *commandname

(* Here you can write name of command of which you require help)

When we right man with command name on command line, you will get long list

For example if I write following command:

$man ls


It will give everything related to “ls” command, and it is of many pages help.


This will give you all the help related to the asked command, by pressing ‘q’ you may come out of the help.

If you don’t want all information, you may feel, OMG…what to do with all this stuff….?

So, here lets see some  helpful trick is use commands help

First one is…. “whatis”

whatisis useful when you know name of command but don’t know what it is for?

This command give you one liner answer that the command you have written will do what?


$whatis grep

Or you may use…

$man –f grep

You can see, both are same.

$man –k grep

This will give you a list of command related to grep

It is also same as apropos command (we are not going to discussed apropos this time)


Happy Learning !!



How to change boot sequence in dual boot? (Ubuntu & Windows)

How to change boot sequence in dual boot?

#After installing Ubuntu first boot option is windows, how to change first boot as Windows?

#for Ubuntu 16.04 and above

  1. Copy grub file for prevention.
    • Sudo cp /etc/default/grub /etc/default/grub.bak
  2. Now edit grub file
    • Sudo gedit /etc/default/grub
  3. It will open your grub file.
    •  Sudo gedit /etc/default/grub

4. As in picture we are getting GRUB DEFAULT = 0, that’s why machine boot with first option from sequence in boot menu.

5. For example following menu we are getting in dual boot system

6. Change the GRUB_DEFAULT number as per your requirement.

7. For example in the following fig. your boot sequence number for windows is 2

8. Change boot sequence in grub file for making windows as first boot option.

  • Sudo gedit /etc/default/grub

9. Save the file

10. Reboot your machine.

11. It will start will Windows as first option.

12. Enjoy……


Enable Windows share in Ubuntu 18.04

From new version of Ubuntu i.e. 18.04, we are unable to get windows shared drives. For using windows machine, we have to set SAMBA.

Following are the steps / commands for enabling windows share access.

=> To install samba-client type following command.

  • sudo apt-get install smbclient
  • sudo gedit /etc/samba/smb.cnf (This command will open smb.conf file, and you can add following line just after workgroup = workgroup)
  • client max protocol = NT1

That’s it….You can explore network through explorer, or with \\ip address.


Proxy setting in ubuntu

When we use ubuntu 16.04 or higher normal proxy setting will not work. If your internet is not working then set following things

sudo gedit /etc/environment

Add following lines in the environment file.

https_proxy=”http://proxyserveripaddress:portno” ftp_proxy=”http://proxyserveripaddress:portno”

For example if your proxy server ip address is & port address is 8080

https_proxy=”″ ftp_proxy=”″ socks_proxy=”″

Save the file and